Custom Devices for the Next Generation

Our team specializes in creating a solution custom-tailored to your company’s needs. All we need is a quick explanation of your goals and we can get started on designing, developing and building a device specialized to meet the needs of your company.

Electronics Design

Our electronics engineering team designs custom embedded electronics for you and have experience working to create solutions for any environment. Our electronics engineering capabilities include:

  • High temperature and rugged electronics (175C, 200C+)
  • Design and implementation of mixed signal embedded electronics (MCUs, DSP, FPGA, NISOM, and more).
  • Hand-held devices that run real-time operations systems (WinCE, embedded Linux, SYS BIOS)
  • High speed data acquisition systems
  • Analog sensor interface and complex analog design
  • Low voltage and high voltage switching power supplies

Software and Firmware Development

At Erdos Miller, we understand the importance of creating complex data management, visualization, and control applications for desktop and embedded deployment software that will help move your company towards success. We take an agile approach toward software and firmware development to create a minimal viable product, receive feedback from you, and release changes incrementally to make sure it (the software) functions exactly how you want it to. Some of Erdos Miller’s programming proficiencies include:

  • C, Python, C#, and LabVIEW systems
  • Embedded development including bare-metal code and RTOSs
  • DSP development, sensor data acquisition, and real-time control
  • Development of high-throughput database systems
  • Use of other languages such as LISP, scala, clojure and F#

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering team develops solutions that function in even the most demanding application / environment. We deliver mechanical solutions for complex tools and equipment. The Erdos Miller mechanical engineering team capabilities include:

  • Design down-hole tools and chassis used for drilling
  • Design for potting of electronics, enclosures, and encapsulation
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Flow Simulation (CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics))