NEW @NIWEEK 2016: Erdos Miller Presents Rapid Prototyping Solutions and Remote Real-Time Data Access

Experts use LabVIEW, NI CompactRIO, and daq.io to Deliver Turnkey Solutions


AUSTIN, Texas – August 1, 2016Erdos Miller, an engineering firm that specializes in turnkey electronic device development and process control and automation, is demonstrating technology this week at NIWeek 2016, the annual partner and user conference hosted by National Instruments. The Erdos Miller exhibits are located in the NI Pavilion and the Erdos Miller booth #108*. The team also will present a technical session on 8/4 – NI co-founder, President, and CEO, Dr. James Truchard, has selected the session as his “Top Pick” at NIWeek 2016.


“Our clients believe they can change the market with their ideas, but they need a technology partner to challenge, vet, implement, and improve those ideas,” Ken Miller, President at Erdos Miller. “At Erdos Miller, we partner with product and engineering teams to bring ideas to life, using technologies like LabVIEW and NI CompactRIO to rapidly develop prototypes that address current challenges, solve future problems, and close market gaps quickly.”


Using daq.io Provides Real-Time Data Access, From Anywhere

More than just LabVIEW experts, Erdos Miller’s embedded development teams create software using the best architecture for each application and a workflow tailored to the way each client works.


This week in booth #108 at NIWeek, the Erdos Miller team will demonstrate how clients get accessible, accurate data by showing a simulated centrifuge control system based on NI CompactRIO and posting data to daq.io. The daq.io platform stores uploaded information and provides access to real-time data via the same API, which can be accessed from fully customizable, web-based dashboards. Users can access and manage the dashboards and view the both live data and historical trends via any web browser. With real-time access to data, operators can make proactive decisions or reactive assessments of their application at any time.


Rapid Prototyping Brings Products to Market Faster

As NI software and hardware experts, the Erdos Miller team takes advantage of platforms like NI CompactRIO to develop prototypes quickly and incorporate customer feedback, ultimately saving months or even years in the design process.


The second Erdos Miller application is located in the NI Pavilion on the Expo Floor and demonstrates an acoustic transmission system that showcases how to use flexible hardware platforms to simulate complex equipment before building an embedded solution. The system includes a LabVIEW and NI-hardware-based receiver decoding an acoustic waveform and displaying it on a screen. This receiver is designed in collaboration with Engenuity Inc. for extreme environments such as high pressure, high temperature and high shock and vibration.


Powerful LabVIEW Development. Turnkey Product Design. 

Erdos Miller LabVIEW experts partner with customers to complete anything from a few hours of LabVIEW work, to a complete process overhaul, to a new automation system. Working with Erdos Miller includes:


  • Discovery Process: explore the potential of your idea
  • Dedicated Staff Structure: meet your team and project goals
  • Certified Architects and Developers: get the best development resources possible
  • Custom Training: train your in-house team and support your new system effectively


LabVIEW development plays a role in the overall Erdos Miller approach to turnkey electronic device development and process control and automation solutions. Erdos Miller ultimately helps clients solve quality, reliability, production, and cost issues in existing devices and create new, market-leading products and processes for industry challenges.


Dr. T’s Top Pick – Learn More

The Erdos Miller team will lead a presentation focusing on their specific LabVIEW development and project management process at NIWeek on Thursday, August 4. The Efficient LabVIEW Projects: A Team-Based Approach (TS9517) session will be held in room 16B at 10:30am.


To meet with us at NIWeek, schedule a time using the NIWeek app on Android or iOS, come by booth #108, attend our technical session, or contact Chris Conger at chris.conger@erdosmiller.com.



About Erdos Miller

Erdos Miller specializes in turnkey electronic device development and process control and automation. The firm solves quality, reliability, production, and cost issues in existing devices and creates new, market-leading products and processes for industry challenges. Based in Houston, Texas, Erdos Miller teams have proven experience in electronic design, expert programming, tailored COTS hardware, and commercialization to help clients carefully craft and bring to market products that are fundamentally different yet incredibly effective.


About Engenuity, Inc.

Engenuity Inc designs and manufactures technologically advanced hydrostatic testing equipment and software. Primarily focused on improving the safety and economics of BOP testing, both onshore and offshore, Ei has developed several patent pending innovations specifically targeting the deficiencies associated with current hydrostatic testing.


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