Technology to bring your idea to life, no matter the industry

Our clients believe they can change the market with their idea, and they need a technology partner to come alongside them and challenge, vet, and better that idea. At Erdos Miller, we partner with product and engineering teams to bring that idea to life, using technology to address current challenges, solve future problems, and close market gaps quickly. With powerful and efficient designs, deep software skillsets, and extensive experience bringing products to market, we help companies in the oil and gas, medical, and agriculture industries disrupt the market with an idea.

Oil & Gas

With offices in Houston, Texas, we easily can connect with top oil and gas device makers in the area. Our deep experience with down-hole devices keeps us at the forefront of innovation in the industry.


At Erdos Miller, we take everyday agriculture tools and make them smarter, more rugged, and more efficient. Our teams have the proven design, engineering, and commercialization expertise necessary to create clearly differentiated products that solve agriculture’s most pressing problems.


We work with medical device makers to automate processes, improve traceability, and speed production by developing new and improved products that doctors prefer and patients trust.

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